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  • Professor Robert Batt
    The use of A.I. and other digital health solutions to enable the provision of psychological support to those who might not usually be able to access these services.
  • Dr Hamid Karimi-Rouzbahani
    With an interest in method development for neuroimaging analysis (EEG, MEG and fMRI) using machine learning, I pursue three main questions in cognitive neuroscience: How does the human brain support visual perception? How is information transfer...
  • Mahmoud Keshavarzi
    My research involves designing paradigms for EEG and MEG experiments, programming them, and analysing the data, as well as testing children using both kinds of brain imaging equipment.
  • Dr Chao Li
    Dr Li is a Senior Research Fellow with expertise in both clinical neuroscience and computation modelling. Dr Li is particularly interested in developing novel machine learning approaches based on imaging and multi-omics data to for personalised ma...

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