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  • Laith Alexander Dr Laith Alexander
    My research focuses on the neurobiology of emotion and emotional regulation. In particular, I am interested in how prefrontal cortical regions (area 25 and 32) subserve the regulation of emotional states. Using sophisticated techniques in behaviou...
  • Aude Belin-Rauscent Dr Aude Belin-Rauscent
    My research is interested in the neurophysiological and neuropharmacological substrates of compulsive disorders such as drug addiction and obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Fabian Grabenhorst Dr Fabian Grabenhorst
    Our research focuses on the neural mechanisms of reward, decision-making and social cognition. In particular, we study the functions of neurons in the amygdala, a key component of the brain's reward system that is implicated in such diverse condit...
  • Fei-Yang HUANG M.D.
    My research focuses on neuroeconomics and decision neurophysiology. We associate neural signals with decision behaviour to elucidate how decisions are made in various context-dependent environment. We design behavioural tasks based on ...
  • Angela Roberts Professor Angela Roberts FMedSci
    I am interested in the brain networks underlying cognitive and emotional behaviour. In particular, my research focuses on the executive control functions of the prefrontal cortex and related brain structures, including the basal ganglia and the am...
  • Dr Yoshiro Shiba
    I am investigating neural mechanisms underlying anxiety and fear, especially in terms of physiological, behavioural and neurobiological risk factors or traits for development of anxiety disorders.
  • Yoshiro Shiba Yoshiro Shiba
    Anxiety and fear are adaptive responses against a potential/imminent threat. These consist of changes in physiological (heart rate, blood pressure, endocrine responses etc.), cognitive (attention, vigilance etc.) and behavioural (flight, freeze, f...

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