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  • Ivan Caramanna Mr Ivan Caramanna
    Follow-up study to previous MR-IMPACT study, investigating a large cohort of adolescents with MDD
  • Lesley Cousins Dr Lesley Cousins MRCP DPhil.
    I am interested in the effects of antidepressant medication on the teenage brain both in terms of structural and functional development. I am also interested in trying to understand why some depressed teenagers are prescribed antidepressants where...
  • Dr Maria Dauvermann
    I have a strong grounding in translational psychiatry and multidisciplinary mental health research. In particular, I focus on the investigation of brain alterations that may underlie suicide, mood and psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia a...
  • Veronika Dobler Dr Veronika Dobler MRCPsych, PhD
    I am interested in the effect of Early Live Adversity (ELA) on neuro-cognitive development in later life. Psychological theories have long recognized that selective processing and distortions in appraisal of day-to day events as well as cognitive...
  • Jessica Fritz Ms Jessica Fritz
    My main research interest is the study of resilience in individuals who have experienced childhood adversity. Resilience can be described as a process of positive adaptation following exposure to childhood adversity. Childhood adversity is strongl...
  • Ian  Goodyer Professor Ian Goodyer FMedSci
    I am a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist based at Cambridge University pursuing research into the connections between human development and psychopathology. My studies are centred on adolescents in the community as well as current patients. Our re...
  • Ms Juliet Griffin
    I study the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the formation and stubborn persistence of delusions and other psychotic symptoms in psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia. I am interested in how the brain uses uncertain information (parti...
  • Farah Hina
    Most work on psychosis focuses on hallucinations and delusions but there is good evidence that understanding psychosis requires a deeper consideration of body and self. Our sense of self arises from the integration of multiple brain inputs, includ...
  • Ayla Humphrey Dr Ayla Humphrey
    Ayla Humphrey is the Lead for Children and Young People’s Psychology, CPFT and Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge. Her interest is in the advancement of services for children & families and early identification...
  • Jennifer Landt Jennifer Landt
    I am currently working on a brain imaging project looking at the neuropathological hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease in adults with Down’s syndrome.
  • Dr Laura Moreno-López
    I am interested in the study of the neuroanatomical mechanisms of resilient functioning in adolescents and young adults exposed to early life adversities.
  • Sharon Neufeld
    I am a quantitative psychologist interested in understanding the course and interplay of multiple domains of mental health in young people. My work has shown how treatment-as-usual mental health services are associated with a subsequent reduction ...
  • John Suckling John Suckling
    Can neuroimaging improve patient outcomes? We are looking at ways neuroimaging - the combination of brain imaging and computational methodologies - can have a direct impact on the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of developmental conditions, co...
  • Ms Mariska van der Hoff M.S.C.
    The influence of conversational therapies in moderately to severe depressed adolescents on relapse
  • Miss Aritha van der Stouw A.T.C.
    The influence of Conversational Therapies in moderate to severe depressed adolescents on relapse.
  • Dr Anne-Laura van Harmelen
    My research aims to understand the differential mechanisms that link negative family environments where children may be emotionally abused and/or neglected (child emotional maltreatment; CEM) with later mental health disorders, or resilience from ...
  • Paul Wilkinson Dr Paul Wilkinson
    Until December 2020, Paul Wilkinson is University Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge. His main research interests are the epidemiology and treatment of self-harm and depressi...

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