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  • Dr Deep Adhya
    We have recently shown that the in-vitro neural tube structure, the ‘neural rosette’ is affected in autism induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived neurons. This suggests that an autism diagnosis has genetic and epigenetic influences affecting...
  • Simon Baron-Cohen Professor Simon Baron-Cohen
    The Autism Research Centre (ARC), of which I am Director, has 6 programs of research, all focusing on Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC): (a) Perception and Cognition (investigating social and non-social cognition and sensory processing); (b) Neu...
  • Saashi Bedford
    My research focuses on using neuroimaging to try to parse the heterogeneity observed in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. I am particularly interested in sex differences, subgrouping, and brain-behaviour relationships.
  • Richard Bethlehem
    I am director of neuroimaging at the Autism Research Centre and will be joining the department of psychology as an assistant professor of neuroinfomatics in 2023. My work focuses on understanding lifespan changes in brain development and ageing fr...
  • Bhismadev Chakrabarti Professor Bhismadev Chakrabarti
    My research group is based at the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics at the University of Reading. We study emotion perception, empathy, and autism using functional MRI, eye gaze tracking, and psychophysiology. I am happy to co...
    My research primarily studies the genetic origin of sex differences and heterogeneity presented in neurodevelopmental conditions, such as Autism.
  • Ayla Humphrey Dr Ayla Humphrey PhD
    Ayla Humphrey, Lead for Children and Young People’s Psychology, CPFT and Affiliate Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge. Her interest is in the advancement of services for children & families; early identificatio...
  • Meng-Chuan Lai Dr Meng-Chuan Lai
    As a clinician scientist, my vision is to bridge and integrate multi-level biological-cognitive-psychological-social research and clinical services. My clinical interests are in the risk and resilience processes across the lifespan in individuals ...
  • Michael Lombardo Dr Michael Lombardo
    I am interested in understanding the mechanisms occurring in early development that are behind atypical brain development in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Amber Ruigrok Amber Ruigrok
    Amber Ruigrok is a researcher at the Autism Research Centre, Dept of Psychiatry. Amber's PhD research investigated how testosterone and variation in the androgen receptor may be involved in the development of sex differences in human brain white m...
  • John Suckling John Suckling
    Can neuroimaging improve patient outcomes? We are looking at ways neuroimaging - the combination of brain imaging and computational methodologies - can have a direct impact on the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of developmental conditions, co...
  • Dr Varun Warrier
    My team works on social and genetic factors that influence neurodevelopment, and mental health. We have a particular interest in investigating heterogeneity in outcomes to develop targeted support and therapy for those who need it. This publicat...

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