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Zoubin Ghahramani

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Professor Zoubin Ghahramani is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.


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Systems and Computational Neuroscience


My current research interests include Bayesian approaches to machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, information retrieval, bioinformatics, and computational motor control. Statistics provides the mathematical foundations for handling uncertainty, making decisions, and designing learning systems. I have recently worked on Gaussian processes, non-parametric Bayesian methods, clustering, approximate inference algorithms, graphical models, Monte Carlo methods, and semi-supervised learning. I have also worked on Computational Neuroscience and Sensorimotor Control. I am interested in how computational theories of learning relate to cognition.

Research Focus


Bayes rule


machine learning

neural circuit

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No direct clinical relevance


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Daniel Wolpert

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    Key publications

    Wolpert DM, Ghahramani Z (in press), “Bayes rule in perception, action and cognition” Gregory RL, (ed) The Oxford Companion to the Mind.



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