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My research group is interested in the neuroendocrine regulation of mammalian fertility using transgenic mice as a model system. Puberty and the regulation of mammalian fertility is controlled by hormonal signalling within the hypothalamus. My research is focussed on the newly identified G-protein coupled receptor, GPR54, and the ligands for this receptor (kisspeptides encoded by the Kiss-1 gene) which regulate the hypothalamic stimulation of the pituitary gonadal axis. Mutations in these molecules cause infertility in humans and mice. We are studying the way in which these proteins are regulated in the hypothalamus and how they are influenced by peripheral hormonal signals and other neuropeptides.

Kisspeptin Neurons in AVPV region of mouse hypothalamus expressing tdTomato fluorescent protein
Kisspeptin Neurons in AVPV region of mouse hypothalamus expressing tdTomato fluorescent protein
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