Dr Veronika Dobler MRCPsych, PhD


I am interested in the effect of Early Live Adversity (ELA) on neuro-cognitive development in later life. Psychological theories have long recognized that selective processing and distortions in appraisal of day-to day events as well as cognitive rigidity are psychological features of stress related disorders such as depression anxiety or psychosis. These disorders have also been associated with ELA. Research suggests that exposure to chronic stress during developmentally sensitive periods potentially leads to a variety of epigenetic and neuronal changes. These changes are likely influence cognitive processes and vulnerability to future stress and psychopathology. I am currently leading a project exploring the relationship between ELA, changes in physiological stress response (release of the stress hormone cortisol, and pulse rates) and cognitive processes such the ability to explore new information and to flexibly adapt behavioral responses changes in external demands.

Research Focus


early life adversity



at risk mental state

cognitive function

Clinical conditions

At Risk Mental States

Childhood disorders

Depressive disorders



Stress related mental disorders


Behavioural analysis

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Neuro-endocrine testing

Neuropsychological testing



Paul Fletcher

Ian Goodyer

Graham Murray

Jesus Perez

Naresh Subramaniam

Christoph Teufel

Paul Wilkinson


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