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I am a Consultant Neonatologist in Cambridge and Honorary Professor of Neurophotonics at University College London and have an interest in brain injury and imaging in the newborn.

I lead the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre (EPIC), based at the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge. The centre has a dedicated infant functional brain imaging unit and also houses a 1.5T MRI scanner for mothers and babies. The research interests of the group are in the development of monitoring and imaging technologies to identify vulnerable infants at an early stage.

neoLAB is a formal collaborative group between EPIC and Biomedical Optics Laboratory at UCL. The group has been involved in developing an integrated optical-EEG system to study neurovascular coupling as well as a unique fast optical tomography system for 3D imaging of regional blood flow and oxygenation.

I am also involved in the development of the NeuroNICU at the Rosie Hospital, in collaboration with Prof. David Rowitch.

Integrated optical-EEG cap on infant (left) and optical-EEG study on NICU
Integrated optical-EEG cap on infant (left) and optical-EEG study on NICU
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Perintal Brain Injury


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Neonatal brain injury


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Simon Baron-Cohen

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Victoria Leong

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David Rowitch

Peter Smielewski

John Suckling

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