Dr Shigekazu Oda


My long-term goal is to discover a general principle of information process in a neural circuit. The main subject is that 'how biological system behave as a system?' To answer this question, I am using a simple model organism, C. elegans by using highly quantitative methods, information coding analysis and genetic tools. I am analysing a neural circuit both locally and globally.

I have been studying the molecular and neural dynamics in C. elegans by using and developing in vivo imaging techniques. And I discovered neuronal dynamics in learning & memory, information coding of MAPK-ERK and signal transduction of cGMP.

Now I am working on molecular mechanism underlying aggregation behaviour of C. elegans. And I am also working on modulation of frequency coding properties by neuroglobin in a neural circuit.

Research Focus


neural encoding

quantitative biology

signal transduction

systems neuroscience

C. elegans

Clinical conditions

No direct clinical relevance


Behavioural analysis

Calcium imaging

Computational modelling

Confocal microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy


in vivo imaging (Calcium, ERK-MAPK, release of synaptic vesicles and cGMP), MATLAB, IgorPro, microfluidic device




Changchun Chen

Mario de Bono


Einav Gross

Sayaka Hori

Shohei Mitani

Yu Toyoshima

Associated News Items

    Key publications

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