Dr Sanne de Wit


Whilst our actions are often goal-directed, slips of action reveal that automatic, or habitual, mechanisms can take over. Although the concepts of goal-directed action and habits are well-grounded in folk psychology, most empirical research so far has taken place in the field of animal learning rather than human decision-making. I therefore develop learning and response priming tasks -based on animal models- to investigate the associative and motivational mechanisms mediating goal-directed and habitual actions in humans and I use the technique of fMRI to study the neural substrates. My current research also focuses on disruptions of instrumental learning mechanisms (e.g. in Parkinson's Disease, obesity, addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Research Focus


goal-directed action


cognitive control

associative theory


Clinical conditions


Eating disorders

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Parkinson's disease



Behavioural analysis

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Neuropsychological testing



Anthony Dickinson

Paul Fletcher

Trevor Robbins


Roshan Cools Web: http://www.roshancools.com/

Richard Ridderinkhof Web: http://www.acacialab.nl/

Reinout Wiers Web: http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/r.w.h.j...

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    Key publications

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