Dr Susanna Mierau


NMDA Receptors in Development, Plasticity and Disease

NMDA receptors play a critical role in many forms of synaptic plasticity and have been implicated in multiple genetic forms of autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. My project combines electrophysiological techniques, single cell transcriptome analysis, and human cortical cultures to investigate the role of NMDA receptor dysfunction in genetic forms of autism. I am also a U.S. qualified neurologist focused on diagnosis and treatment of adults and children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Bridging neuroscience research in brain development and clinical care of autistic patients in my career, I hope to explore the fundamental nature of learning and develop new treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders.

Research Focus



excitatory synaptic transmission

synaptic plasticity

NMDA receptors

postnatal development

Clinical conditions


Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Cell culture

Electrophysiological recording techniques

Intracellular recording

single-cell RNA-Seq

Whole cell patch clamp


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