Dr Rickie Patani

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Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellow, Anne Rowling Fellow


Department of Clinical Neurosciences


The Anne McLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine



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Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Developmental Neuroscience


The focus of my research is neural lineage restriction from human pluripotent stem cells and the subsequent regional fate specification of derived neural precursors. One key area of study is to investigate temporal responsiveness of human neural precursors to morphogenetic cues and, by using insights gained from this work, to generate both neurons and glia in chemically defined conditions. The generation of clinically relevant human neural cell types provides an unprecedented experimental opportunity to both study human neurodevelopmental processes and to model neurodegenerative disease in-vitro.

Research Focus


stem cells

neurodegenerative brain disorders

Clinical conditions

Motor neurone disease

Multiple sclerosis


Cell culture



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    Key publications

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