Dr Petra Vertes


I am an MRC fellow in Bioinformatics at the Brain Mapping Unit (BMU). My work builds on methods and concepts from physics and bioinformatics and applies them to fundamental problems in neuroscience. In particular, I am interested in the structure-function relationship in brain networks, from the microscopic scale of neurons to the large-scale connectivity of brain regions, in both health and disease. Insights into these questions are not only fascinating in their own right, but have important implications for our understanding and therapeutic approaches to cognitive impairments associated with psychiatric disorders, brain injury and ageing.

I received a masters degree in theoretical physics and a PhD in artificial neural networks from the University of Cambridge, UK. I am also one of the co-founders and organizers of the Cambridge Networks Network (CNN), a forum for academics across different disciplines who share an interest in Network Science.

Research Focus


Network Topology

Brain development


C elegans


Clinical conditions



Computational modelling



Aaron Alexander-Bloch

Ed Bullmore

Sylvia Richardson

William Schafer

United Kingdom

Tom Duke

Vito Latora

Tom Nichols


Laszlo Barabasi

Dani Bassett

Amit Etkin

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Key publications

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