Dr Pouya Baniasadi

University position

MPhil student


Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Research Theme

Systems and Computational Neuroscience


My general research interest is reverse engineering biological cognition; To understand the general principles and to create mathematical models that reproducing these strategies. Accordingly, I am interested in four major themes:

Threat Detection: Given the complexity, variation, and the poverty of stimulus in many possible threats, are there general principles that the brain uses to analyze this complex data quickly?

Novelty: When the predictions of the nervous system are wrong, and the conceptual frameworks encounter errors, how does the brain update the existing knowledge?

Memory and learning: The acquisition of new memories is dynamically dependents on existing knowledge and must be applicable to a wide variety of situations. What are the general principles for such a dynamic system?

Hand movement: Human hands are general-purpose and use a disproportionately large area of the brain in the motor cortex. Are there general cognitive principles for complex hand movements?

Research Focus


Computational Neuroscience

Complexity theory and the brain



Combinatorial Optimisation

Clinical conditions

Learning disabilities



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