Dr Noham Wolpe


I am a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Psychiatry.

My broad interest is in the interplay between cognition and action in humans. More specifically, my previous work has been on volition, perception of action and cognitive contributions to motor control, mainly in healthy†adults and in older†populations, including in patients with neurodegenerative conditions.†Currently, I am investigating the mechanism by which deficits in motivation impair the engagement in goal-directed behaviour in patients and in old age. For my research, I use computational neuroscience and neuroimaging methods.

Research Focus


Voluntary action





Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease




Behavioural analysis

Computational modelling

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Neuropsychological testing



Emilio Fernandez-Egea

Paul Fletcher

Rik Henson

James Rowe

Kamen Tsvetanov

United Kingdom

Jiaxiang Zhang Web: http://psych.cf.ac.uk/contact...


James Ingram Web: https://wolpertlab.neuroscience.columbia.edu/people/...

Matt Nassar Web: https://vivo.brown.edu/display...

Daniel Wolpert Web: https://wolpertlab.neuroscience.columbia.edu/people/...

Associated News Items

Key publications

Wolpe N, Ingram JN, Tsvetanov KA, Geerligs L, Kievit RA, Henson RN, Wolpert DM, Cam-CAN, Rowe JB (2016), “Ageing increases reliance on sensorimotor prediction through structural and functional differences in frontostriatal circuits” Nature Communications 7



Wolpe N, Zhang J, Nombela C, Ingram JN, Wolpert DM; Cam-CAN, Rowe JB (2018), “Sensory attenuation in Parkinson's disease is related to disease severity and dopamine dose” Scientific Reports 8(1): 15643

Tsvetanov KA, Ye Z, Hughes L, Samu D, Treder MS, Wolpe N, Tyler LK, Rowe JB, Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (2018), “Activity and Connectivity Differences Underlying Inhibitory Control Across the Adult Life Span” Journal of Neuroscience 38(36): 7887-7900


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