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Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience

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We study the evolutionary genetics of brain size and sensory systems in primates. In particular, we are interested in the evolution and selection of colour vision polymorphisms in New World monkeys and lemurs, the evolution of vomeronasal receptor diversity, and the genetics of brain size evolution across primates

A tassel-eared marmoset (Callithrix humeralifer), one of many species of New World monkeys that is polymorphic for colour vision
A tassel-eared marmoset (Callithrix humeralifer), one of many species of New World monkeys that is polymorphic for colour vision
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brain size




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Molecular genetics



Brenda Bradley Web: http://www.yale.edu/anthro/...

Ute Radespiel Web: http://www.tiho-hannover.de/klinike...

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    Key publications

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