Dr Nunzio Iraci


I am pursuing a more basic (fundamental) approach that focuses at the discovery of the cellular machinery controlling the mobility of small nucleic acid sequences (known to regulate the translation into protein products, and ultimately functions) from within the cell to the extracellular space/compartment. I have started from some datasets that we have generated in the laboratory in the last couple of years and now attempting to define the genetic loci; verify the functions of potential cellular binders and/or identify the molecular carriers of these mobile small nucleic acids. This is a key and strategic strand of research that will provide evidence and mechanisms whose understanding has profound implications towards both the elucidation of the pathophysiology of major neurodegenerative diseases as well as the designing of next generation therapeutics mimicking (or interfering with) the sophisticated cellular intercourse that orchestrates the shift from homeostasis to disease.

Research Focus


Neural stem cells


extracellular vesicles



Clinical conditions

Multiple sclerosis


Cell culture

chromatin immunoprecipitation assay

Fluorescence microscopy


Recombinant protein expression

reporter assay

RNA/protein extraction and quantification



Anton Enright

Christian Frezza

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