Mohsen Sadeghi

University position

PhD student
Supervised by Daniel Wolpert


Department of Engineering

Research Theme

Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience


Research focuses on testing the predictions of a recent influential theory of human sensorimotor control, termed optimal feedback control (OFC). To do this we will examine the modulation of feedback control during arm movements. The laboratory uses robotic devices to generate virtual environments in which a subject can act, and the associated motor control processes can be tracked. By applying rapid force perturbations to the arm, it is possible to elicit reflex responses and measure the associated changes in exerted hand force and muscle activity using electromyography (EMG). We will examine the relation of reflex gains to task constraints and thereby add to the fundamental understanding of human sensorimotor control and form the basis of future developments, such as prosthetics and rehabilitation, which have implications for improving human health.

Research Focus


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Clinical conditions

No direct clinical relevance


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    Sadeghi M, Emadi Andani M, Bahrami F, Parnianpour M (2013), “Trajectory of human movement during sit to stand: a new modeling approach based on movement decomposition and multi-phase cost function.” Exp Brain Res 229(2):221-34 Details