Dr Miguel Burguillos


Microglia activation is a general phenomenon present virtually in all neurodegenerative diseases where the innate immune response driven by microglia cells plays a decisive role in the fate of the neuronal population. Throughout my research career, I have been interested in the mechanisms regulating microglia activation in different brain disorders in order to find translatable targets for drug therapy, ranging from Parkinson’s disease (Burguillos MA et al., Nature 2011) ischemic stroke (Burguillos MA et al., Cell Reports 2015), traumatic brain injury (Yip P., et al., Scientific Reports 2017) to glioblastoma (Burguillos MA and Shen et al., Nature Immunology 2016). To achieve that goal, I combine both in vitro (primary cells and cell lines) and in vivo (using different preclinical animal models for different diseases) approaches in my research.

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Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease


Parkinson's disease


Traumatic brain injury


Cell culture

Confocal microscopy

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Guy Brown

Peter StGeorge-Hyslop

United Kingdom

Miguel Branco Web: http://m.branco@qmul.ac.uk

Pin Yip Web: http://p.yip@qmul.ac.uk


Bertrand Joseph Web: http://bertrand.joseph@ki.se

Jose Venero Web: http://jlvenero@us.es

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    Key publications

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