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During embryonic development, all of the neurons in the cerebral cortex, the executive and integrative centre of the mammalian brain, are generated from a complex population of multipotent stem and progenitor cells. We have developed methods for replaying human cortical development from pluripotent stem cells. We are using that system to study the molecular mechanisms controlling eurogenesis in human cortical development, and how these are coordinated to generate complex lineages in a fixed temporal order.

Building on that work, we have used stem cells from people with Down syndrome and from patients with familial Alzheimer’s disease to create cell culture models of Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis in cortical neurons. We are using those models to carry out mechanistic studies of AD initiation and progression in human stem cell models, using genetic forms of dementia and AD.

Human stem cell-derived neural rosettes
Human stem cell-derived neural rosettes
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stem cells

cerebral cortex


Alzheimer's disease

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Alzheimer's disease


Genetic disorders

Learning disabilities

Progressive supranuclear palsy


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Human pluripotent stem cells

Human stem cell models of neurodegenerative disease


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