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Research on human brain chemistry, in brain injury and brain tumour patients. Brain injury is a major cause of disability and death. While some brain injury survivors have good outcomes, others experience varying degrees of disability, which are often life-long, with consequent demands on carers and resources. After the initial event, a complex series of biochemical and biological changes occurs in the hours and days that follow. Brain chemistry is monitored in severely injured patients by means of inserting fine semi-permeable tubes into the brain, a technique called microdialysis. The fluid collected by microdialysis is analysed in various ways. This can reveal information on energy status, metabolism and inflammation in the injured brain. Microdialysis is used routinely to monitor brain injury patients being treated in the Neuro Critical Care Unit, and to support clinical trials investigating new drug treatments or surgical procedures.

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brain injury



brain metabolism

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Traumatic brain injury




Luminex analysis





Peter Hutchinson

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