Professor Jesus Perez


My research activity is mainly focused on early detection and intervention in psychosis and the history of psychiatry. I am particularly interested in the epidemiological apects of young people at high-risk of developing psychosis and with first-episode psychosis. This includes clinical antecedents and sociodemographic characteristics of these populations. I am also keen in understanding the factors associated with diagnostic stability of first-episode psychotic disorders, especially first-episode mania. Part of my research is dedicated to service development within the NHS.

I am the Lead Consultant Psychiatrist of the award-winning CAMEO Early Intervention in Psychosis Services; Lead Clinical Director of NIHR CRN: Eastern (National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network: Eastern); and Honorary Professor at the UEA (University of East Anglia).

Research Focus


High-risk for psychosis

First-episode psychosis


Bipolar disorder

History of psychiatry

Clinical conditions

Bipolar disorder



Cross-sectional and cohort studies

Neuropsychological testing

Randomised control trials


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