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Jessica Fritz

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PhD student
Supervised by Dr. Paul O. Wilkinson


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Developmental Psychiatry


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Developmental Neuroscience

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My main research interest is the study of resilience in individuals who have experienced childhood adversity. Resilience can be described as a process of positive adaptation following exposure to childhood adversity. Childhood adversity is strongly linked with the development of psychopathology in later life. Therefore, I believe that it is crucial that the various interrelated factors that may increase resilience are examined and understood. With my PhD research I aim to model the relationships between resilience factors cross-sectionally as well as longitudinally, spanning adolescence. To study the putative interrelations of various literature-derived resilience factors, I will use cutting-edge network analysis techniques. Establishing the interrelations of resilience factors might help to improve therapeutic approaches for individuals who were exposed to childhood adversity.

Research Focus



childhood adversity

network analysis



Clinical conditions



Cross-sectional and cohort studies

Network Analysis



Ian Goodyer

Jan Stochl

Anne-Laura van Harmelen

Paul Wilkinson


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    Key publications

    Fritz, J., de Graaff, A. M., Caisley, H., van Harmelen, A.-L., & Wilkinson, P. O. (2018), “A Systematic Review of Amenable Resilience Factors that Moderate and/ or Mediate the Relationship between Childhood Adversity and Mental Health in Young People” Frontiers in Psychiatry. Special Issue: Resilience, Life Events, Trajectories and The Brain, 9: 230.

    Fritz, J., Fried, E. I., Goodyer, I. M., Wilkinson, P. O., van Harmelen, A.-L. (2018), “A Network Model of Resilience Factors for Adolescents with and without Exposure to Childhood Adversity” Scientific Reports, 8: 15774.