Dr Julia Deakin


I plan to experiment with brain imaging techniques and immunomics to look for early changes in psychosis. In particular, I am interested in supporting a recently identified group of patients with psychosis who have autoantibodies to the NMDA receptor or the VGKC receptor. I aim to understand the pathophysiology in order to further develop rational approaches to treatment. NARSAD has kindly provided funds for imaging in early psychosis.

Before qualifying in medicine, my research focused on the effects of pharmacological manipulations on impulsive decision making.

Research Focus





Clinical conditions

Bipolar disorder

NMDA receptor antibody encephalopathy


VGKC complex antibody associated encephalopathy


Cross-sectional and cohort studies

Neuropsychological testing



Ed Bullmore

Aladair Coles

Peter Jones

Paul Lyons

Jesus Perez

Tom Spencer

Michael Zandi

United Kingdom

Belinda Lennox Web: http://www.neuroscience.cam.ac.uk/directo...

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