Miss Ilkem Sevgili


I am currently working on Spiral Ganglion Neurons-on-a-chip and Stria Vascularis cells-on-a-chip projects.

In Spiral Ganglion Neurons-on-a-chip project, I aim to grow Spiral Ganglion Neurons (SGNs) onto the 3D printed structures with embedded sensors. On these 3D printed models coated with conductive materials, I will investigate the electrical and biological activity of SGNs after stimulation by cochlear implants in different locations.

In Stria Vascularis (SV) cells-on-a-chip project, I will screen various chemicals to enhance the ion pumping capacity of SV cells on a semi-permeable platform to develop a potential therapy for hearing loss due to SV degeneration.

My ultimate goal is to build a "cochlea-on-a-chip" bioelectric model in order to understand new ways to diagnose causes of hearing loss and to use this model to develop drugs to prevent or treat hearing loss.

Research Focus


spiral ganglion neurons

hearing disorders

cochlear implants

organ on a chip

stem cell differentiation

Clinical conditions

Hearing and balance deficits


Cell culture

Electrophysiological recording techniques

Fluorescence microscopy



Whole cell patch clamp



Prof Manohar Bance

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