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I work on the causes, brain mechanisms and treatments of mental disorder. I utilize a variety of neuroscience techniques, including statistical genomics, brain imaging, computational psychiatry, pharmacological and neuropsychological studies in patients and healthy volunteers. I study cognitive developmental epidemiology, the relationship between cognitive development and mental illness across the lifespan, and on the mechanisms through which etiological factors (such as genetics) lead to pathophysiological disruptions in mental illness. I also research the role of surprise (prediction error) when people learn from experience in uncertain conditions, and how expectation shapes experience (predictive processing). I study transdiagnostic mechanisms of symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations and anhedonia, and am interested in the research and clinical applications of polygenic risk scores.

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Prediction error

Clinical conditions

Bipolar disorder

Depressive disorders

Early psychosis

Parkinson's disease

Populations at high clinical risk for psychosis



Behavioural analysis

Computational modelling


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Mendelian randomisation

Neuropsychological testing

Randomised control trials



Richard Bethlehem

Paul Fletcher

Jane Garrison

Peter Jones

Pietro Lio'

Trevor Robbins

Chris Rodgers

John Suckling

Petra Vertes

Varun Warrior

United Kingdom

Peter Kok

Michael Moutoussis

Daniel Smith


Erika Jääskeläinen

John McGrath

Jouko Miettunen

Tomas Paus Web: https://research.hollandbloorview.ca/scienti...

Juha Veijola Web: http://kelo.oulu.fi/NFBC/

Naomi Wray Web: http://cnsgenomics.com

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Key publications

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