Dr Gonca Bayraktar


My research aims to understand how synaptic plasticity governs learning and memory function of the brain and how gradual loss of function or impairment leads to neurodegeneration. My research focuses on the study of neurodegeneration from various aspects 1) at the level of transcription in relation to epigenetic mechanisms and chromatin biology (studies with ATAC-seq, Split-seq single-nucleotide transcriptomics) and 2) at the level of protein translation through elongation control. Protein translation and signalling mechanisms regulating different stages of protein translation are known to be implicated in diseases of synaptic degeneration. The key proteins controlling the translation elongation are eEF2 and its kinase eEF2K. We modulate the eEF2/eEF2K pathway, known to be impaired in neurodegeneration, in vitro and in vivo studies to find the basis for an early possible intervention in early neurodegeneration.

Research Focus



translation control


synaptic plasticity

learning and memory

Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease


Prion diseases


Behavioural analysis

Cell culture

Confocal microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy

gene expression assays, qPCR, protein immunoblotting, ex vivo tissue treatment



Protein purification

Recombinant protein expression


United Kingdom

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    Key publications

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