Mr Francisco J. Martínez-Murcia

Francisco J. Martínez-Murcia

University position

Visiting Researcher


Department of Psychiatry


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Research Theme

Systems and Computational Neuroscience


Development of automatised algorithms for the extraction of features from different brain image modalities (e.g. MRI, PET, SPECT). Image preprocessing and characterization by the use of semi-supervised algorithm such as ICA, PCA, texture features, among others.

Research Focus


None specified

Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease


Parkinson's disease


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)


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    Key publications

    Martinez-Murcia FJ, Górriz JM, Ramírez J, Moreno-Caballero M, Gómez-Río M (2014), “Parametrization of textural patterns in 123I-ioflupane imaging for the automatic detection of Parkinsonism.” Med Phys 41(1):012502 Details

    Ortiz A, Górriz JM, Ramírez J, Martinez-Murcia FJ, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (2014), “Automatic ROI selection in structural brain MRI using SOM 3D projection.” PLoS One 9(4):e93851 Details



    Salas-Gonzalez D, Górriz JM, Ramírez J, Illán IA, Padilla P, Martínez-Murcia FJ, Lang EW (2015), “Building a FP-CIT SPECT Brain Template Using a Posterization Approach.” Neuroinformatics Details


    Ortiz A, Fajardo D, Górriz JM, Ramírez J, Martínez-Murcia FJ (2014), “Multimodal image data fusion for Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis by sparse representation.” Stud Health Technol Inform 207:11-8 Details

    Salas-Gonzalez D, Górriz JM, Ramírez J, A Illán I, Padilla P, Martínez-Murcia FJ, Lang EW (2014), “Affine registration of [123I]FP-CIT SPECT brain images.” Stud Health Technol Inform 207:65-73 Details


    Martínez-Murcia FJ, Górriz JM, Ramírez J, Puntonet CG, Illán IA, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (2013), “Functional activity maps based on significance measures and Independent Component Analysis.” Comput Methods Programs Biomed 111(1):255-68 Details