Dr Farah Alimagham

University position

Senior Research Associate


Department of Clinical Neurosciences



Research Theme

Developmental Neuroscience


My research focuses on designing novel analytical techniques based on mid-infrared spectroscopy for industrial, environmental and medical sensing applications. I am currently working on the development of a novel sensor for continuous and near real-time monitoring of the brain chemistry of brain trauma patients.

Research Focus


optical sensors

mid-infrared spectroscopy


Clinical conditions

Traumatic brain injury



mid-infrared spectroscopy

optical chemical sensors


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Associated News Items

    Key publications

    Chisomo Zimphango, Farah C Alimagham, Keri LH Carpenter, Peter J Hutchinson, Tanya Hutter (2022), “Monitoring neurochemistry in traumatic brain injury patients using microdialysis integrated with biosensors: a review” MDPI Metabolites 12(5): 393

    Farah C. Alimagham, Dan Hutter, Núria Marco-García, Emma Gould, Victoria H. Highland, Anna Huefner, Susan Giorgi-Coll, Monica J. Killen, Agnieszka P. Zakrzewska, Stephen R. Elliott, Keri L. H. Carpenter, Peter J. Hutchinson, and Tanya Hutter (2021), “Cerebral Microdialysate Metabolite Monitoring using Mid-infrared Spectroscopy” ACS Anal. Chem. 93 (35) 11929–11936

    Alimagham F, Winterburn J, Dolman B, Domingues P M, Everest F, Platkov M, Basov S, Izakson G, Katzir A, Elliott S R, Hutter T (2020), “Real-time bioprocess monitoring using a mid-infrared fibre-optic sensor” Elsevier, Biochem. Eng. 167: 107889

    Farah Alimagham, Max Platkov, Joshua Prestage, Svetlana Basov, Gregory Izakson, Abraham Katzir, Stephen Elliott, Tanya Hutter (2019), “Mid-IR Evanescent-field Fiber Sensor with Enhanced Sensitivity for Volatile Organic Compounds” RSC Advances 9: 21186-21191