Dr Eric Harshfield

University position

Research Associate


Department of Clinical Neurosciences


Neurology Unit



Home page

http://www.neurology.cam.ac.uk/neurolo... (personal home page)

Research Theme

Clinical and Veterinary Neuroscience


My current research primarily focuses on utilising epidemiological, clinical, genetic, and imaging data to investigate relationships between vascular risk, stroke, and dementia. Examples of specific projects that I have been involved in include (1) investigating the causal role of haematological traits in stroke and its subtypes using Mendelian randomisation, and (2) performing a pooled individual patient analysis of clinical trials on stenting for symptomatic vertebral artery stenosis.

Research Focus







Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease

Cardiovascular diseases

Cerebrovascular disorders


Depressive disorders

Genetic disorders



Cross-sectional and cohort studies


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Mendelian randomization

Neuropsychological testing

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Randomised control trials

Recombinant protein expression



Will Astle

Hugh Markus

Willem Ouwehand

Matt Sims

Matthew Traylor

United Kingdom

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Associated News Items



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