Mr Emre Fertan

University position

PhD student
Supervised by Professor Sir David Klenerman


Department of Chemistry


UK Dementia Research Institute at University of Cambridge

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Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience


I have a background in behavioural neuroscience, during which I studied the behavioural and neuropathological changes in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease. My current work focuses on characterising cellular (iPSC and organoid systems), synaptosome, and animal models of neurodegenerative diseases using super-resolution microscopy techniques.

Research Focus


Alzheimer's disease

Cellular models

Mouse models


Super-resolution microscopy

Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease



Parkinson's disease


Behavioural analysis

Cell culture

Enzyme assays

Fluorescence microscopy


Recombinant protein expression



Gabriel Balmus

Jack Brelstaff

Maria Grazia Spillantini

United Kingdom

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    Key publications

    Gendron WH, Fertan E, Pelletier S, Roddick KM, O’Leary TP, Anini Y, Brown RE   (2021), “Age related weight loss in female 5xFAD mice from 3 to 12 months of age” Behav Brain Res 406:113214.

    Fertan E, Wong AA, Purdon KM, Weaver ICG, Brown RE (2020), “The effect of background strain on the behavioural phenotypes of the MDGA2+/- mouse model of autism spectrum disorder.” Genes Brain Behav. e12696

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    Fertan E, Stover KRJ, Brant MG, Stafford PM, Kelly B, Diez-Cecilia E, Wong AA, Weaver DF, Brown RE (2019), “ Effects of the novel IDO inhibitor DWG-1036 on the behavior of male and female 3xTg-AD mice” Front Pharmacol 10:1044

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