Dr Danuta Lisiecka


I am interested in how MRI techniques can help us understand susceptibility to psychiatric disorders and mechanisms of action of psychiatric treatments.

My current research focuses on:

A) neural mechanism of action of Minocycline on negative symptoms of psychosis in BeneMin study (www.benemin.org.uk). BeneMin is a multicentre CTIMP with 6 MRI sites and 15 NHS Trusts and Health Boards involved. I am an MRI coordinator of the study.

B) white matter microstructure of Autism endophenotype in Structural and functional MRI of autism and broader phenotype study (http://www.autismresearchcentre.com/project_29_sandfmri).

C) association between magnetic transfer and diffusion tensor measurements in white matter in NSPN study (http://www.nspn.org.uk/).

D) pH of the brain in the Acid Test study.

My interests also involve the role of emotional regulation in the susceptibility and resilience to major depressive disorder.

Increased activation in inhibitory areas of first degree relatives of patients with MDD during inhibition of negative stimuli
Increased activation during inhibition of negative stimuli in first degree relatives of patients with major depressive disorder
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Research Focus



psychiatric disorders



emotional regulation

Clinical conditions


Depressive disorders




Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Neuropsychological testing



Sanja Abbott

Michael Spencer

John Suckling

Roger Tait

United Kingdom

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    Key publications

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