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Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience


My research focuses on visual object representations in the human brain. I am interested in the flexible nature of such representations, their limited capacity and resolution in perception, visual working memory, and imagery, and their links with selective attention. These issues are explored in human cognition using a combination of behavioural experiments and neuroimaging (currently fMRI, and MEG).

% BOLD signal change associated with the limited number of objects encoded in a visual working memory task. Mean functional activity is overlaid on horizontal sections through an average TI-weighted MNI template brain. Positive signal is seen across a bilateral network of regions, peaking towards the posterior end of the intraparietal sulcus.
BOLD signal change associated with the limited number of objects encoded in a visual working memory task. Mean functional activity is overlaid on horizontal sections through a template brain. Positive signal is seen across a bilateral network of regions, peaking towards the posterior end of the intraparietal sulcus, where similar capacity-limited activity is also seen in the absence of a working memory task (Mitchell & Cusack, 2008).
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    Key publications

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