Charlotte Garcia

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PhD student
Supervised by Robert P Carlyon


MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit


MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit


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Research Theme

Systems and Computational Neuroscience


My PhD research has been focused on developing and validating a diagnostic tool called the Panoramic ECAP (PECAP) method that uses various electrophysiological measurements of neural responsiveness through cochlear implants (these are called Electrically-Evoked Compound Action-Potentials or ECAPs) to estimate patient-specific patterns of neural activation. This provides two estimates describing the interaction between a specific patient's cochlea and their implant: neural health and current spread. I have a particular interest in applied research, and as a result have emphasized the engineering aspects of this project to develop a tool that is clinically viable; in addition to validating the model's accuracy, I have developed a rapid procedure called 'SpeedCAP' that enables the PECAP model to be executed in under 10 minutes.

While my PhD research has been focused on applied cochlear implant research using objective measures, I am also interested in other areas of auditory neuroscience.

Research Focus


cochlear implant





Clinical conditions


Hearing and balance deficits

Menierre's disease


Behavioural analysis

Cochlear Implant research platforms for direct stimulation and measuring objective measures such as Electrically-Evoked Compound Action-Potentials (ECAPs)

Computational modelling

Electrophysiological recording techniques



Alan Archer-Boyd

Manohar Bance

Daniele Borsetto

Robert P Carlyon

Simone de Rijk

John Deeks

Tobias Goehring

?François Guérit?

Richard E Turner


Julie G Arenberg Web:

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    Key publications

    Garcia C, Goehring T, Cosentino S, Turner RE, Deeks JM, Brochier T, Rughooputh T, Bance M, Carlyon RP (2021), “The Panoramic ECAP Method: estimating patient-specific patterns of current spread and neural health in cochlear implant users” JARO 22(5): 567-589 PDF

    Garcia C, Deeks JM, Goehring T, Borsetto D, Bance M, Carlyon RP (in submission), “SpeedCAP: An Efficient Method for Estimating Neural Activation Patterns Using Electrically-Evoked Compound Action-Potentials in Cochlear Implant Users” PsyArxiv 10.31234/ PDF



    Brochier T, Guerit F, Deeks JM, Garcia C, Bance M, Carlyon RP (2020), “Evaluating and comparing behavioural and electrophysiological estimates of neural health in cochlear implant users” JARO 22(1): 67-80 PDF