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My laboratory studies how nerve connections are first established in the brain. We focus on the developing visual system and our main goal is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of axon guidance that enable axons to navigate from the eye to their distant synaptic targets in the midbrain. We use a multidisciplinary experimental approach that includes in vivo gene manipulation, high-resolution live imaging of axons, gene profiling and chemotropic growth cone assays. Our past studies have revealed the existence of molecularly distinct decision-points along the pathway that guide axon growth. Our recent studies have shown that hundreds of mRNAs reside in axons and that local translation in response to extrinsic cues is a key regulatory mechanism in axon guidance, synapse formation and maintenance. By gaining a better understanding of how the CNS is assembled and maintained, our studies aim to provide fresh insight into neurodevelopmental and degenerative disorders.

Growth cone shows asymmetric beta-actin signal 5 minutes after onset of netrin-1 gradient (background gradient). Signal is highest (red) in filopodia closest to gradient source and is generated by local protein synthesis.
Growth cone shows asymmetric beta-actin signal 5 minutes after onset of netrin-1 gradient (background gradient). Signal is highest (red) in filopodia closest to gradient source and is generated by local protein synthesis.
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Research Focus


growth cone

axon guidance

mRNA translation

axon survival

retinal neural circuit

Clinical conditions

Axon regeneration and repair

Neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders


Dynamic time-lapse imaging of gene-manipulated axons in vivo

Fluorescence microscopy


In vivo gene transfer using lipofection, electroporation and blastomere injection

Laser capture of cells and cell compartments (growth cone) for microarray analysis

Live imaging of protein synthesis using TIRF microscopy

Ribosome profiling and RNA-Seq analysis on axonal compartments



James Fawcett

Kristian Franze

Bill Harris

Clemens Kaminski

Peter St George Hyslop


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