Dr Andres Roman-Urrestarazu


My research interests are related to developmental disorders such as Autism, Schizophrenia and ADHD. I am interested in risk factors and traits that predispose to neuro-developmental disorders.

Regression Analysis of Grey Matter Volume and Grooved Pegboard Scores
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Research Focus





Working Memory


Clinical conditions



Cognitive impairment




Behavioural analysis

Cross-sectional and cohort studies

Longitudinal Studies

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Neuropsychological testing



Anna Barnes

Simon Baron-Cohen

Christine Hill

Kay Thee Khaw

Graham Murray

John Suckling

United Kingdom

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Key publications

Roman-Urrestarazu A, Lindholm P, Moilanen I, Kiviniemi V, Miettunen J, Jääskeläinen E, Mäki P, Hurtig T, Ebeling H, Barnett JH, Nikkinen J, Suckling J, Jones PB, Veijola J, Murray GK. (2015), “Brain structural deficits and working memory fMRI dysfunction in young adults who were diagnosed with ADHD in adolescence.” Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2015 Aug 26.

Andres Roman-Urrestarazu, Graham K Murray, Anna Barnes, Jouko Miettunen, Erika Jääskeläinen, Pirjo Mäki, Juha Nikkinen, Jukka Remes, Sari Mukkala, Jenni Koivukangas, Markus Heinimaa, Irma Moilanen, John Suckling, Vesa Kiviniemi, Peter B Jones, Juha Veijola (2014), “Brain structure in different psychosis risk groups in the Northern Finland 1986 birth cohort.” Schizophr. Res. Mar 24;153(1-3):143-9



Roman-Urrestarazu A, Corazza O (2016), “Psychoactive substances bill: written evidence submitted by Dr Ornella Corazza and Dr Andres Roman Urrestarazu” The Psychoactive Substance Bill 2015-16 http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201516/cmpublic/psychoactive/memo/psb17.htm


Cinosi E, Martinotti G, Simonato P, Singh D, Demetrovics Z, Roman-Urrestarazu A, Bersani FS, Vicknasingam B, Piazzon G, Li JH, Yu WJ, Kapitány-Fövény M, Farkas J, Di Giannantonio M, Corazza O. (2015), “Following "the Roots" of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa): The Evolution of an Enhancer from a Traditional Use to Increase Work and Productivity in Southeast Asia to a Recreational Psychoactive Drug in Western Countries.” Biomed Res Int 2015:968786. doi: 10.1155/2015/968786. Epub 2015 Nov 10

in press

Thomson S., Mossialos E. and Evans R. G. (eds) (in press), “Private health insurance: history, politics, performance” Cambridge University Press.


Roman-Urrestarazu, Andres; Murray, Graham K.; Barnes, Anna; Miettunen, Jouko; Jääskeläinen, Erika; Nikkinen; Remes, Jukka; Starck, Tuomo; Moilanen, Irma; Mäki, Pirjo; Suckling, John; Kiviniemi, Vesa; Jones, Peter B.; Veijola, Juha (2011), “Structural MRI in the 1986 Northern Finland Birth Cohort: findings among different psychosis risk profiles in a cross sectional study.” International Clinical Psychopharmacology Volume 26 - Issue - p e140– e141.


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