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Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience


In neurones, voltage-gated sodium (Nav) channels initiate the action potential. Sodium channels consist of a ~ 250 kDa alpha-subunit and ~40 kDa beta-subunits. The beta-subunits modulate channel gating. The Nav beta-subunits possess an extracellular immunoglobulin (Ig) domain, connected to an alpha-helical transmembrane domain and an intracellular carboxy-terminal region.

We study the structure and function of the Nav channel beta 3-subunit. We determined the structure of the beta 3-subunit Ig domain using X-ray crystallography. We have shown that the beta3-subunits trimerise via their Ig domains, and cross-link Nav channel alpha-subunits.

These results provide a new interpretation of previous electrophysiological data, and raise new questions. Does Nav channel cross-linking by beta 3 lead to functionally coupled channels? Can different Nav alpha-subunit isoforms be cross-linked together? Do beta-subunits stabilise Nav channels into larger protein clusters on the plasma membrane?

The predicted structure of the beta 3 extracellular domain
The structure of the Nav channel beta 3 subunit immunoglobulin (Ig) domain
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sodium channels

membrane traffic

cell biology

proteomic methods

Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease

Autoimmune diseases



Genetic disorders


Cell culture

Confocal microscopy

Electrophysiological recording techniques

Enzyme assays

Protein purification

Proteomic methods for studying localised protein clusters on the plasma membrane.

Whole cell patch clamp

X-ray crystallography



Dimitry Chirgadze

J Michael Edwardson

Andrew Grace

Chris Huang

Kathryn Lilley


Manoj Patel Web: http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/interne...

Sarah Perrett Web: http://sourcedb.cas.cn/sourced...

Revaz Solomonia Web: http://www.acnet.ge/

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