Dr Melissa Andrews


My research focuses on assessing the localization and transport of ectopically expressed integrins in adult CNS, in order to better target integrins to sites of injury for therapeutic treatment. We have shown that enhancing the regeneration of dorsal root axons by overexpression of alpha9 integrin, which is downregulated in adulthood, and after injury, is successful in promoting dorsal root ganglion neuron regeneration in culture and in vivo in the presence of inhibitory extracellular matrix substrate tenascin-C, although in vivo regeneration results have been modest. Currently we are investigating the differences between the ability of integrins to transport in adult CNS versus regenerative areas of the nervous system (neonatal CNS and adult PNS).

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gene therapy

growth cone

Clinical conditions

Neuronal repair and regeneration

Spinal cord injury

Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic Brain Injury


Animal Surgery

Behavioural analysis

Cell culture

Fluorescence microscopy




James Fawcett

United Kingdom

Ronaldo Ichiyama

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