Anne Manktelow


I work part-time in the Division of Anaesthesia as a Research Assistant conducting the follow-up studies with patients recovering from traumatic brain injury (including MRI scanning and neuropsychological testing).

I am also undertaking a part-time PhD within the department. The focus of my research will be the examination of the functional connectivity within the Default Mode Network post traumatic brain injury using resting state fMRI. We are comparing the alterations in this key resting state network between healthy controls and patients recovering from severe traumatic brain injury. We want to investigate how the brain compensates for loss of function due to the damage inflicted by the injury and explore the evidence for neural plasticity in the functional and structural connectivity analysis conducted on the TBI patients.

Research Focus


traumatic brain injury

cognitive function


Resting state networks

Functional connectivity

Clinical conditions

Cognitive impairment

Traumatic brain injury


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David Menon

Barbara Sahakian

Emmanuel Stamatakis

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