Dr Johan Alsiö


Cognitive flexibility is required to respond to changes in the environment and behavioural inflexibility can reduce functioning in everyday life. Brain disorders such as schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease are linked to impaired cognitive flexibility and current drug treatments for these disorders unfortunately do not alleviate cognitive symptoms. My research at the Department of Psychology therefore aims to increase our understanding of the neurobiological basis of cognitive flexibility. To this end, I combine pharmacology, neuroscientific methods, and - more recently - computational modelling of behaviour. The ultimate aim of this work is to facilitate the development of more effective pharmacological treatment for psychiatric disorders characterised by cognitive deficits.

Research Focus




Orbitofrontal cortex

Preclinical models


Clinical conditions


Cognitive impairment

Eating disorders

Obsessive compulsive disorder



Behavioural analysis



Quantitative RT-PCR



Rudolf Cardinal

Ole Paulsen

Trevor Robbins

Angela Roberts


Åsa Mackenzie Web: http://www.neuro.uu.se/researc...

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Key publications

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