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Developmental Neuroscience


Genomic imprinting is an epigenetic mechanism causing genes to be expressed depending on their parental origin. Our research investigates the mechanism and evolution of genomic imprinting and the function of imprinted genes in development and disease. Part of this programme considers the implications of epigenetic control in the development and function of the brain. We also use imprinting as a model system for analysing the epigenetic control of genome function and in particular the roles of DNA methylation and histone modifications in the regulation of gene activity and repression. Our work focuses on an imprinted domain that includes genes and non-coding RNAs that are expressed during neural development and in the adult brain. Little is known about the precise roles of these genes. We are taking molecular approaches using mouse genetic models to address the function of these genes.

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genomic imprinting

non-coding RNA


stem cells and development

Clinical conditions

Genetic disorders


Cell culture

develomental neurogenetics

Enzyme assays

epigenetic analysis

gene targeting - knockout mice


mouse molecular genetics

transgenic mice


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