Dr Amanda Barber


Retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) convey visual signals from the retina to the brain via their axons that forms the optic nerve and the optic tract. Damage to RGC axons, as a result of injury or diseases such as glaucoma, can result in blindness as mammalian RGCs have limited intrinsic ability to regenerate their axons once injured.

The focus of my research is to investigate methods to promote RGC axon regeneration following axonal damage by injury or disease.

Adult neural retina. Cone photoreceptor cells are labelled with green fluorescent protein and immunostained for cone alpha transducin.
Adult neural retina. Cone photoreceptor cells are labelled with green fluorescent protein and immunostained for cone alpha transducin.
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retinal ganglion cell

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Optic nerve degenerations


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