Dr Roberta Cagnetta


The cue-induced axonal nascent proteome and its translational control mechanisms in neural wiring.

Research Focus


Local protein synthesis

Translational control

Unfolded Protein Response

Axon guidance

Neural wiring

Clinical conditions

No direct clinical relevance


Cell culture

Confocal microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy




Giovanna Mallucci


Christian Frese

Jeroen Krijgsveld

Hovy Wong

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    Key publications

    Roberta Cagnetta, Hovy Ho-Wai Wong, Christian K Frese, Giovanna R Mallucci, Jeroen Krijgsveld, Christine E Holt (2019), “Noncanonical modulation of the eIF2 pathway controls an increase in local translation during neural wiring” Molecular Cell 73(3): 474-489.e5

    Roberta Cagnetta, Christian K Frese, Toshiaki Shigeoka, Jeroen Krijgsveld, Christine E Holt (2018), “Rapid cue-specific remodeling of the nascent axonal proteome” Neuron 99(1): 29-46.e4



    Florian Ströhl, Julie Qiaojin Lin, Romain F Laine, Hovy Ho-Wai Wong, Vasja Urbančič, Roberta Cagnetta, Christine E Holt, Clemens F Kaminski (2017), “Single molecule translation imaging visualizes the dynamics of local β-actin synthesis in retinal axons” Scientific Reports 7(1): 709

    Hovy Ho-Wai Wong, Julie Qiaojin Lin, Florian Ströhl, Cláudio Gouveia Roque, Jean-Michel Cioni, Roberta Cagnetta, Benita Turner-Bridger, Romain F Laine, William A Harris, Clemens F Kaminski, Christine E Holt (2017), “RNA docking and local translation regulate site-specific axon remodeling in vivo” Neuron 95(4): 852-868