Miss Mona Khodary


Current masters student on the 2021-22 Basic and Translational Neuroscience Cohort. My interests resolve around cellular and network disfunction in disease, primarly Autism and Alzheimer's disease. For my project I am studying the properties of network topology and development in Rett syndrome in vitro model, supervised by Prof Ole Paulsen (NOG group) and Dr Susanna Miernau (SAND group). As part of the project I have completed training in tissue culture maintanace, microelectrode array recordings as well as immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy. Furthermore, the project contains a heavy computational modelling component of the developing network. The aim of the project is to identify the key drivers and controllers of the network activity, how that may go wrong in a neurodevelopmental disease model and which components of the network can be potentially targeted.

Research Focus


Rett Syndrome

Graph Theory

Control Theory



Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease


Birth defects


Cell culture

Computational modelling


Multielectrode array recordings


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