Dr Liora Vilmovsky


I aim to study the transcriptomics of neurons (both populations and single cell) in the dorsomedial division of the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) and the ventrolateral division in order to understand their cellular diversity and plasticity and, ultimately, how they are able to support diverse innate behaviors. My work would: 1) provide a catalog of cell-types in VMH on which to base further studies, 2) identify gene products that contribute to their functional diversity and plasticity, and 3) understand how experience can modify this diversity to adapt behaviour responses to the environment. This knowledge will be important to understand how the same brain structure can control both fear and aggression and sex, and could be important to understand how these innate behaviors may become intertwined under pathological situations.

Research Focus




Molecular Biology

ventromedial hypothalamus

Clinical conditions

Anxiety disorders


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Cornelius Gross Web: http://www.embl.it/researc...

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