Miss Josefine Eck


I am currently an MPhil student at the University of Cambridge studying basic and translational neuroscience. I am intrigued by the complexity of neurological dysfunctions and the consequences when individuals lose certain parts of the brain. I am particularly interested in exploring neurodegenerative diseases and how they mediate the interaction between neurobiochemical processes and people’s behaviour, predicting one’s actions and well-being. Understanding neurodegenerative diseases is particularly crucial to me due to their high prevalence and substantial impact on the ageing population. However, I am also very interested in exploring biopsychosocial factors in neurodevelopmental disorders. My primary career goal is to pursue further research at PhD level in the field of translational neuroscience.

Research Focus


neurodegenerative disorders

neurodevelopmental disorders

brain compensation


neurological dysfunctions

Clinical conditions

Childhood disorders



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