Dr Andrew Lawrence

University position

Research Associate


Department of Clinical Neurosciences


Stroke Research Group and Neurology Unit



Research Theme

Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience


I am a psychologist with interests in the application of neuropsychological testing and advanced MRI techniques to understand cognitive function and dysfunction. I am currently investigating cognitive decline and MRI markers of pathology associated with vascular disease. My recent work applies structural and functional network models to MRI data with an aim to better understand this cognitive decline in cerebral small vessel disease/stroke. I completed my doctoral research at the University of Cambridge which focused on impulsivity in addiction. This involved assessing multiple varieties, or factors, of impulsivity in alcohol dependent individuals, problem and pathological gamblers, mediation-induced repetitive behaviours in Parkinson’s disease and serial entrepreneurs (as functional risk-takers).

Research Focus



Structural MRI

Diffusion Imaging

Structural & Functional Brain Networks

Graph Analysis

Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease

Cognitive impairment



Vascular Cognitive Impairment


Cross-sectional and cohort studies

Neuropsychological testing



Hugh Markus

Guy Williams

United Kingdom

Thomas Barrick Web: http://www.sgul.ac.uk/researc...

Associated News Items

    Key publications

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