Cambridge Clinical Neuroscience and Mental Health Symposium

Programme Day One

29th Septmeber 2009


Programme Day One

09:00-12:00 Session One: Genes to Endophenotype
Chair Professor Peter St George-Hyslop, Department of Clinical Neurosciences
09:00-09:15 Opening: Professor Peter Jones, Department of Psychiatry & Professor Alison Richard, Vice Chancellor
09:15-10:00 Plenary Lecture: Dr. Danny Weinberger, National Institutes of Health, USA
10:00-10:30 Dr. Geoff Woods, Department of Medical Genetics
10:30-11:00 Refreshments
11:00-11:30 Professor Maria Grazia Spillantini, Department of Clinical Neurosciences
11:30-12:00 Professor Wolf Reik, The Babraham Institute
12:00-15:15 Session Two: Early Detection and Biomarkers
Chair Dr. Belinda Lennox, Department of Psychiatry
12:00-12:30 Dr. Jeff Dalley, Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute / Department of Experimental Psychology
12:30-13:00 Professor Barbara Sahakian, Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute / Department of Psychiatry
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:45 Plenary Lecture: Dr. Husseini Manji, National Institutes of Health / Johnson & Johnson, USA
14:45-15:15 Dr. Jenny Morton, Department of Pharmacology
15:15-18:00 Session Three: Pathways and Pathogenesis
Chair Professor Barry Everitt, Department of Experimental Psychology
15:15-15:45 Professor David Mackay, Department of Physics
15:45-16:15 Dr. Anne Bertolotti, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
16:15-16:45 Refreshments
16:45-17:15 Professor Ian Goodyer, Department of Psychiatry
17:15-18:00 Plenary Lecture: Dr. Mark Hallett, National Institutes of Health, USA
Reception Dr. Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Department of Psychiatry, Recital

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