Why can't I log in?

Have you registered with Cambridge Neuroscience?

Login is only available for people who have registered with Cambridge Neuroscience.

Register here and follow the four steps to create an account.

This will allow you to add and subsequently update your profile on the Cambridge Neuroscience website, subject to the moderator's approval, and to benefit from the networking opportunities this provides.

Anybody is allowed to register, but only registrants eligible for full membership will have their profiles added to the searchable directory. Please read the eligibility criteria.

If you have previously registered and have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

Raven users

The Cambridge Neuroscience login is distinct from your Raven account, if you have one. You cannot use your Raven password to log in here.

You can use your Raven ID (or CRSID; e.g. xyz99) as your username – and are encouraged to do so – but the accounts are not linked, except in name. You are advised to use a password different from your Raven password. If you forget your Cambridge Neuroscience password you can have it reset at any time.

If you are still having difficulties, please contact the Cambridge Neurocience coordinator.