Cambridge Neuroscience graduated to become an Interdisciplinary Research Centre on October 1st 2016.

The management of Cambridge Neuroscience is the responsibility of two key committees: a small Executive Group and a larger and more representative Steering Committee. Both the Executive Group and the Steering Committee are chaired by the Co-Directors, one representing the School of Biological Sciences (currently Zoe Kourtzi) and one representing the School of Clinical Medicine (currently Paul Fletcher); and both are supported by the Cambridge Neuroscience Strategic Manager (currently Dervila Glynn); but otherwise are constituted differently to serve rather different purposes.

The smaller Executive group meets regularly for business-like discussions of core issues that are of importance for the medium term growth of Cambridge Neuroscience, specifically: strategy, post graduate training, workshops, communications and symposia. The larger, Steering Committee meets quarterly. Its primary purpose is to ensure that all communities comprising Cambridge Neuroscience are properly represented and informed. The Steering Committee will also serve to monitor and advise the core functions of the Executive Group and it will play a key role in the discussion and formulation of major specific initiatives.

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